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Horseback riding near Tucson

3 months in…yay?

April 1st…a fourth of the way through the year.  A bit of a scary thought because of how fast time is flying…but so far I feel like I’m on the right track.These lists are from my post in January…let’s take a moment to analyze what I’ve done thus far.My overall goals are :
  •    To focus on INDI Apparel and hopefully turn it into a profitable business on its second year.
  •  To study for the GRE and apply to grad school so that I will begin either by the end of this year           or by the beginning of next year.
  •   To visit Japan this year and be able to speak/understand some Japanese.
Frida Kahlo

I always think of Frida when I talk about my struggles…so today’s entry is dedicated to her. Artista y sufridora… que combinacion!

I’m proud to announce that last week I finally took the GRE!!! hooray!!  I don’t have all of my test scores in yet, but I am one step closer to applying to Graduate school.

Today I started with my Japanese lessons and I have my ticket for Tokyo on the 13 of May : )

INDI is going through an extreme renovation–I hired a web designer, a business coach and I am finally delegating the work that i’ve needed to let go of for a long time now…letting others help me and being ok with it.  It was rough but once I made the leap, everything else became less stressful.

I would say I’m well on my way with these three on my list…it’s going to be a lot more hard work, and a lot more fun as the months progress.

Part 2 of my entry:

  • Take better care of my body (exercising and eating like I used to)
  • Take more photographs since photography makes me ridiculously happy.
  • Take more dance lessons since it ALSO makes me ridiculously happy.
Last week I started running again.  My body feels so much happier!!! Signed up for two runs in Phoenix for the next two weeks, and I’m also training with friends who are highly motivated and also very good runners.
Photography….no comment : (  I have some filming projects in the works but just plain taking photos has been an epic FAIL.
Dancing…I’ve been going once in a while but I have a plan to start taking Samba on Saturdays, and to start attending the weekly Tuesday salsa socials that I love at the Danceloft!
Horseback riding near TucsonMy analysis of the situation is that there’s been a lot of work, and not enough play.  Lately going out with friends has been more focused on alcohol than dance, which can be fun periodically but not when it becomes a habit for me…. i feel like it’s a waste of money and braincells at this point in my life.  So for the next month I’m not going to drink, which is kind of ironic because I was just given a flask as a gift from a dear friend…hahaha!
By the way I’d just like to take a moment to say that taking the GRE sucked. I don’t wish this experience upon anyone.
Also, almost had a heart attack while riding a horse this week…I’m happy to say I’ve been filming a lot with Azteca America for different shows and it has definitely been an interesting experience!
More to come on these adventures…

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