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Ever since I started tearing fabric and making new dresses from old ones at the age of 11, my purpose has been quite simple–to be unique.  My desire to create emerged from a desire to be different, to express my own version of the world through my clothes. At first they were simple projects–turning a long dress into a short one, making jeans into a corset, or even making a dress out of film. This vision has now evolved into a more useful and life-enhancing one.  After years of traveling, my vision is to produce clothes that are not only beautiful and unique, but also adaptable to the ever changing lives of women.

It first dawned on me during a backpacking trip–I wanted to take such a variety of clothes…some for hiking, some for sightseeing, some for running, some for clubbing…why did I have to settle for just one style?  Why should I have a limited wardrobe just because I’m far away from home? Why can’t clothes adapt to my lifestyle, to my activities, to my desires?

My idea is to create a full line of clothes that can be easily packed, comfortably worn, and that can adapt to different climates and occasions.  This way packing can be light, and traveling can be less of a hassle when it comes to deciding what to wear.  My clothes should change and adapt to me, to work for me, not the other way around–and no matter what the occasion may be–I should never have to lose my sense of style.

INDI Apparel consists of three different lines–travel, work and play–each catering to a different need.  Just as women’s lives are ever changing, so are our clothes.  That is why I am always open to suggestions, comments and ideas–especially from those of you who have trotted half way around the world.  I want my designs to keep evolving along with you.



INDI Apparel is locally designed and manufactured (in Tucson, AZ).  It’s based on my travel experiences therefore I launch a new mini collection every few weeks as I go from one place to another and get inspired.  Make sure you sign up for our updates so you know as soon as the next collection is available on our online store!

These are called “mini-collections” because I produce a finite number of the same piece and number each one like a print.  They are all limited editions so if you like something, get it while it’s in stock!  Once these run out, time for something new.





Let us know where you have worn INDI around the world!  Each month we pick a winner for the most inspiring trip while wearing INDI and they win an item from the new line!

email diana@indi-apparel.com



Diana Lopez It all began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Diana Lopez was born and lived until the age of six.  Hard economic times caused her family to immigrate, first to Brazil and then to the US.  Being exposed to different languages and cultures at such a young age inspired her to start traveling at the age of 15 after getting her first job and saving up for a plane ticket.  This was the beginning of many journeys to come, and of her love of fashion and photography which she developed as she went from one place to another.

During her first trip back to Buenos Aires, Diana fell in love with dance after watching a tango show, and quickly took up tango lessons.  Back home she became a regular at the milongas and a few years later had the same attraction towards salsa.  Her love of dance became a huge inspiration for her designs and artwork, along with taking an important place in her social life.

Awarded a full academic scholarship, she followed her passion for art and studied at the University of Arizona majoring in Studio Art and Business. During the summers she would travel around Europe, South America and North America which inspired most of her artwork.  While attending school she worked for TV stations like Telemundo and Univision doing wardrobe for shows and also acting in them.  Weekends were spent practicing Capoeira or rock climbing, and of course—dancing!

She graduated in 2006 with honors and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to explore her own culture and further her studies.  There she attended the Instituto Superior de Moda where she studied fashion design and production. While living in Buenos Aires, she was involved in wardrobe/costume design for several television and marketing campaigns. Her first independent clothing line was launched in Buenos Aires in 2008, called Bonobos, which she co-designed with her colleague Lucia Fernandez Echaniz.  Trips to Africa, Brazil, backpacking through the Andes and most of Patagonia inspired her to focus her thesis on travel wear specifically designed for women.

In 2009 Diana made the journey back to Arizona where she starred in her own weekly fashion advice show on Univision and became a visual merchandiser.  In 2010 she launched INDI Apparel and had her grand debut in Phoenix Fashion Week as an Emerging Designer, coming in second place in the Emerging Designer contest.  The INDI line is based on her design thesis, which focuses on versatile clothes for women, specifically those who travel.  She got to test her new creations on her trip to the middle east, and was inspired to design even more versatile dresses as she dealt with the sweltering heat and having to cover up in order to enter sacred sites.  Diana is very involved in dance—she has put on several tango-inspired fashion shows, some of which she performs wearing her own creations.  INDI made a grand appearance in the “Mundial de Tango” in Buenos Aires in 2012.

Her next big trip—TOKYO!



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