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My most inspiring project for this month was teaming up with the new and exciting boutique 520 XChange that recently had a grand opening in NW Tucson.  The boutique is a “Trendy Resale Boutique” that offers a variety of garments, shoes and accessories!  Part of the boutique is also reserved for new clothes, and we just released our first INDI local within the new store.  You can see pics of the process below, which thankfully my good friend and talented architect Daniella Lawrence helped me put it all together and made my concept for the section a reality.

IMG_6783 IMG_6782 IMG_6807

This is all very exciting for INDI, and I’ve had great feedback from customers so far–they can now access my clothes in town or conveniently online!

IMG_6848 IMG_6780

Working with Venisa, the store owner and creator has been a pleasure. I can’t wait to see what other concepts we develop for the store, and so far it has been a dream!


If you have any requests for items you would like to see in the boutique please contact me at


Make sure you stop by, sell your old clothes and buy some new ones for your next adventure : )



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