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Work in July was a blast!  I don’t think I’ve said that in a while–not because I don’t enjoy my work, because I LOVE IT–But rather because it was even MORE fun than usual and not to mention mind-blowing.


Developing our new conceptual lines Work,Travel, Play has allowed me to work on all of my creative ideas at once.  Talk about a great relief on the brain that works 24-7 and whose biggest frustration is not being able to get down on paper everything that runs through it.

That’s why Erin was a natural, and now looking at the proofs–perfect–choice as my model for this month’s mini-collection.  I don’t know another woman whose brain runs this fast; full of energy, creativity, passion….and not to mention the fact that it runs like that in about five different languages at a time.  Yes, the spectacular Erin is in fact, besides a yogi, fashion icon and singer–a translator, interpreter and educator— And probably the best you’ll find in Tucson, AZ.

She was a perfect choice for my August Mini-Collection featuring smart casual pieces mixed in with girly activewear and flirty skater skirts.  Our first meeting before the shoot she showed up like a true Tucsonan–riding a bike through downtown looking casual, confident, and beautiful.  I immediately pictured her in our new bike skirt-pants and thought how seamlessly they’d fit her lifestyle.  Going from translating to a photo shoot, changing from sexy skirt to comfy pants…


Erin and Diana behind the scenes

The shoot was full of hilarity switching between three different languages and somehow everything being understood. Laughter is the universal language I suppose…

I wanted the shoot to truly be about a real person, not a made-up scenario with a random model.  So I asked Erin to style each piece from the collection using some of her own wardrobe that she would normally wear, thus turning these into real outfits.  I have to admit, it was fun playing dress up with Erin, she has an amazing sense of style which mixes her strong female presence with her intellectual and fun sides all at once.  She can make nerdy look sexy.  She can pull off wearing floral, feminine prints and make them look STRONG rather than “girly”.

We shot everything within a couple of hours at LoveSmack Studios with the incredible Allan Sturm.  It was a professional shoot, but also very fun and I have to admit I learned A LOT from watching Allan work.  He has a great eye for detail and knows how to direct both model and designer.  Special thanks to Allan for his work and all of his help!

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