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Inspiring woman of the Week!

I’m trying something new here–I know, not unusual for me ; )

I’d like to feature one inspiring woman in my life per week here on the blog.  I’d like to do this in order to keep me focused–sitting down once a week and analyzing how someone/something is a positive influence in my life will help remind me of what surrounds me and how lucky I am because of it.  Also, I believe that inspirational people often have good wisdom to pass on, and by actually taking the time to “interview” someone I normally wouldn’t, I’m much more likely to learn something new about them and in turn about myself.

So without further delay…

Inspiring woman of the week!

This week I interviewed Abby, a long time friend originally from Capoeira.  She is wearing an INDI Apparel mullet skirt below.

If we’re talking fashion think the photo I included of Abby here sums her up: feminine badass athlete.  She is practical tights and a sexy skirt all tied up in one fearless knot–the perfect combination.  

I first met Abby in college. I had recently decided to join Capoeira Mandinga at the University of Arizona.  Capoeira is one of those activities that turn into a passion.  It’s difficult to be passive about this sport–it works your every muscle in your body and it filters into your brain like most Brazilian things–through music.   These attributes make capoeira addicting, but they can also make Capoeira intimidating when you first enter a class.

Don’t get me wrong, people are always friendly, they do not intimidate on purpose if you are a newcomer.  I mean that collective intimidation of when you see a large group of very fit looking people, doing flips, kicks and jinga with the utmost confidence and with a calm air disguised with an excited grin.  This is the game where you don’t physically touch your opponent but rather show them that you could have smashed their face in–but you didn’t!

I spotted Abby in the group right away–she was a distinct leader.  But her striking quality was not intimidation but rather an openness to teach and learn at the same time.  She would lead exercises in a strong and graceful manner–right away I knew I was aspiring to embrace Capoeira in the same way.  I guess it’s the first distinctive quality I find in inspiring people–things to absorb and apply to my own life.

Balance I would say is the second quality.  Abby teaches at the university and does archeological research–sounds like a serious woman, right?  Mmmm, not exactly my personal experience with her…She’s always cracking jokes and looking for the next adventure!  I’ve played Capoeira with her, gone shopping in Jerusalem with her (um, where she could navigate around the labyrinth of a marketplace like it was the back of her hand!) and most recently started mountain biking with her guidance and patience.

Abby and I in Jerusalem after a fun day of shopping : )

It’s that versatility and knowing how to balance every day life that makes me so happy to have her in my life–I get to share these unique experiences with her, learn a whole lot, and I hope I somehow teach her something as well.  First I’m hoping to steal some sheets from her large collection of baking recipes.  Or at least get to be a taster!

I asked Abby what advice she would give to girls about life.  She replied

You need to feed and exercise all facets of your life: intellectual, physical, social, and creative. Don’t let them stand still or starve. Take responsibility for your actions and involvements, but retain a childlike sense of fun so you can always have happy times mixed in.

Abby–I wish I had met you when I was 13, imagine how fearlessly I’d be riding down the mountain now! 

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