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Crazy crazy days. Full of hard work, studying and excitement!

So far my line is pouring out of me–I feel like I’m not fast enough to keep up with my ideas, and I am just drawing out a billion things and evacuating my mind completely.  It’s like a creative cleanse! I’m not complaining but it has been an overwhelming past couple of weeks…

I’m adding bikinis to my spring line–had this idea while shopping for bikinis in San Diego with my friend Martina.  We both wear what I call Argentine or Brazilian cut bikinis…they are much smaller than the ones you usually find in the US.  And the cuts I like cost a ridiculous amount of money for some reason…makes no sense!  It’s hard to find the cut and color i like so…why not make my own?  Also, make tops that actually hold up and keep covered everything that I want would be spectacular.

In addition to this new category for spring, i’ve started a new project with Snaks, a silkscreen/handbag company.  I’ve designed some tote/backpacks that are very versatile, useful and cool : ) It’s a fun collaboration and it has the potential of being a very successful project!

Coming soon….

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