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Testing INDI Apparel

I feel like when a project is inspiring enough we always make time for it.  That’s how in between teaching and designing my Spring 2014 Collection I found myself with enough energy to go out and make some videos.  Not that they’re anything fancy–it just seemed like I needed more than photographs to describe the versatility and utility of my new dance collection.

So I took it upon myself to film them in action–with different music, different places and different dancers.  It was a sort of “test” if you will, to see how the collection measure up to the challenges that a dancer faces with apparel.  It’s difficult to find something to wear that makes us feel beautiful, sexy but at the same time completely confident that nothing is going to “pop out”.

Test #1 was done on a rooftop, after a rainstorm.  The afternoon was hot and humid, this was to test the fabric and how much sweat shows through the layers.  I am also one of the people on earth who sweats the most–no exaggeration–so it was a challenge for the dress indeed.

We also tested its ability to stay at the right place both top and bottom–not letting it ride up and show any underwear (or worse), and also not letting any breasts pop out of the front during dips.

Daniel and I danced on the rooftop for about two hours.  We let the camera roll, and you can see, I never reach to pull my hem down, I don’t have to fidget with any straps and even though my hair is dripping wet by the end, you cannot see a drop on my beautiful red dress.

What can I say, it was a blast getting to dance salsa, bachata, merengue and whatever else on that rooftop.  Calling it “work” was just icing on the cake!

Now back to work! Getting ready for Colorado Fashion Week is a little harder than dancing salsa on a roof…

Stay tuned for Test #2 (sexy jumpsuit!)

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